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Clickers/Student Response Systems (SRS)

Clickers, also known as "Student Response Systems (SRS)" are hand-held devices that help teachers interact with students during lectures. If your professor requires a clicker for your class, you can purchase a used (when available - $26 plus tax) or new LCD clicker ($36 plus tax) from the Bobcat Depot.

If you have two classes during the same quarter that requires a clicker, you can purchase one clicker and it can be used for both classes.

Bobcat Depot may buy back your clicker at the end of the semester for $20; however, we reserve the right to rescind this offer if clicker technology changes or becomes obsolete.


For more information on using clickers, visit Getting Started.

Follow this link for more information on Turning Point.

The Bobcat Depot rents clickers for events, conferences, etc. to Ohio University faculty or staff.  Each clicker can be rented for up to one week for $1 each.  One receiver will be included at no additional fee.  We must have a departmental account number to bill the charges.  If needed for longer than one week, a second rental week will apply.  Clickers may not always be in stock (subject to availability).

Clickers can also be purchased by departments.  Used clickers (when available - $26) or new LCD clicker ($36).  A departmental account number is needed to bill the charges.

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