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Why Buy from Bobcat Depot?


Watch Bobcat Depot video to learn more about services we offer.

  • OHIO's shop for technology, books, and apparel. 
  • Safeware Warranty Options:  Safeware is a 4-year accidental damage protection policy for Macs. This warranty is offered solely through Campus Stores and is only available when you purchase through Bobcat Depot. Safeware covers any type of liquid or physical damage and Bobcat Depot will facilitate all repairs making the repair process as convenient as possible for the student. For pricing and information on all the warranties we provide, visit "Warranty Options".
  • Laptop Loan Program: If you purchase your computer from Bobcat Depot you are eligible to enroll in our Laptop Loaner Program. You can enroll in the program for a one-time $15 fee at the time of purchase or if you purchase our Safeware Warranty you are automatically enrolled into the Loaner program at no additional cost.
    • Please note you must purchase from Bobcat Depot in order to be eligible for this program.  Visit "Laptop Loan Program".
  • On-site tech support:  Your purchase includes technical support after the sale from Bobcat Depot and the OIT Service Desk. All laptops are durable "business-class" machines from leading vendors. Our Tech Gurus are trained and familiar with all of our models. We offer several warranty options so that you can choose the option that best fit your needs. If repairs are needed, our technicians are vendor certified and the Bobcat Depot can support you.
    • You can walk into Bobcat Depot for tech support, call OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222 or email

  • Collaboration with Academic Departments:  We work closely with colleges to provide students with computer and software recommendations based on their major.
  • Education Pricing on Technology: We negotiate on your behalf for the best deals on hardware, software, and accessories.
  • Convenience:  Our on-campus location allows you to take home items immediately, saving time.
  • Promos:  We offer the Bobcat Depot accessory bundle available during orientation (BSO) to help save money on your computer purchase. Take advantage of Appleā€™s Back-to-school promotion typically offered during orientation through the back-to-school season. Please check our Promos / Specials page for updated information.
  • Try before you buy:  Get hands-on experience with our demos before you make a purchase.
  • Our staff is awesome!
  • Here for you, not for profit.  We have served Ohio University college community since 2008.  With no commissions and no hard sell, we are only here to serve the technology needs of the OU community.
  • Recycling: Bobcat Depot can recycle electronic devices at no charge.  Bring these items to the Depot and we can recycle them in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Technology designed for college: We offer professional business class model laptops intended to last for four years.  Cheap laptops are everywhere these days.  You probably can drive to the nearest department store and find a laptop for less than $500.
    • Before you buy that bargain basement laptop, keep the following points in mind:
      • Bobcat Depot offers a "laptop loan program".
      • Tech Support available free of charge for all models sold at Bobcat Depot.
      • Accidental Damage Protection Warranty:  Several options available for Dell and Mac models
      • In the event that you need warranty or accidental damage service, help is available on campus.
      • Free to OHIO Students:  Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus Software and cloud storage.
      • Free setup of your new computer (including data transfer).