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Department / Institutional Purchases
For departmental software/hardware order, email the below information to:
For faster ordering processing, copy and paste the below required information into your email and fill-in the blanks.

Contact Info:  First & Last Name:           
Phone Number:
FMS Department Account #:
Note: P-cards are not accepted
Delivery Address: Indicate Building & Room #
Note: Effective 09/20/13: rders under $50 - $10 delivery fee
Hardware Order: Vendor
Hardware Description:
Hardware Quantity:
Additional Comments:
Example:  Upgrade RAM from 4GB to 8GM, wireless mouse, etc.
Apple Warranty:  Indicate type Apple Warranty:
  • No warranty
  • 3-year AppleCare
  • 4-year Safeware

All Dells come preconfigured with built-in warranty

Hardware Setup option:  Indicate #1, #2 or #3 (description at bottom of page)
If choosing Option #1, indicate tech's name
Software Order: Software Title (include version):
Number of Licenses:
Platform (Mac or Windows):
Number of DVDs to purchase:
For Windows users: Indicate 32 or 64 bit media/DVD
Software Delivery Option, Choose one:
  • Pickup at Bobcat Depot, Baker Center 112
    • You will be notified when your order is ready for pick-up or when it has been sent through campus mail.
  • Campus Mail



Hardware setup Options:  You must pick one of the "setup options" for your new computer(s).  Description of each option is provided below:            

  • Setup Option #1:  My department has a technician or someone who can reimage the computer(s) and connect them to the OHIO University network. No setup is needed. Hardware Option #1 - Include technician's name
  • Setup Option #2:  My department is requesting an OIT technician to reimage the computer(s) with Windows 7, Microsoft Office, anti-virus software & Adobe Reader and then delivery to my office. This option does NOT include un-boxing, setup or data transfer from your old machine. $45 per hour will be added to my order.
  • Setup Option #3:  Option #2 plus un-boxing, setup and data transfer from old machine to new machine. $45 per hour for labor

Apple Computers: Pick Option 1 or 3. Mac computers will NOT have to be reimaged to connect to the OHIO University network.

All the above options include delivery and all billing (invoicing, Concur transactions, etc.) handled by Bobcat Depot (no additional charge).

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