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Payment Options

Bobcat Depot accepts the following methods of payment:

Updated 05/06/16

Personal Purchases (Students & Faculty/Staff Personal Use)
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, money orders and cash.  Students can also use Bobcat Cash up to $200 per day (Bobcat Depot Athens Location).
We do not take personal checks.

Clicker Note: Students can purchase a clicker using any of the above tenders. If the Bobcat Depot chooses to buy a clicker back from a student when he or she is done with it, payment for that transaction will be in Bobcat Cash.

Computer Financing Program
Ohio University Credit Union has also set up a special program for students, faculty & staff to offer affordable financing options for computer purchases. An Ohio University Credit Union (OUCU) account is required (one can be setup if you don't have one).

Departmental Purchases

We accept departmental account numbers (only) to bill charges (for software, hardware and accessories).  We can not take p-card.

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