Device Trade-In

Bobcat Depot will no longer be able to offer the trade-in program. LAST DAY FOR TRADE-IN: 2/17/2023, 3:00 P.M.

Which devices are eligible?
  • Smartphones
  • MacBooks, Chromebooks, PC Laptops (for laptops it is recommended that you include a working charger to receive full trade-in value)
    • iMacs are NOT eligible for the trade-up program at this time
  • iPads & Tablets
  • Wearables (i.e. Apple Watches, Fitbit)
  • Personally owned machines ONLY are eligible to participate in this program. Ohio University departments cannot trade-in their previous generation equipment.
What are the requirements for a Trade-Up?
  • Must be able to turn on and power up to the home screen
  • Must have a functioning, non-damaged screen in order to maximize trade value
  • Laptop trade-ins that do not include a working charger could be subject to a $20 deductions on the quoted value of the device
  • All accounts must be removed from each device and passwords must be disabled
  • The device must have a clean IMEI/ESN (this means that there is no outstanding balance owed on the device, has not been lost or stolen and is not active on a current account)
Does liquid damage disqualify a device from trade-up?
NO, Clover Wireless does not look for a clear liquid indicator. If the device powers up and has a functioning, non-damaged screen, liquid damage does not disqualify the device.

How do I get started?
  • Obtain Quote (3 ways to obtain a quote):
    • The easiest way is by visiting Safeware Trade Up Your Device portal.
    • Or you can email Bobcat Depot requesting a quote (trade-in value). Include below details:
      • Device make and model
      • Release/Manufacturer Date (for Apple devices, i.e. Late 2016, Mid 2012, Early 2008) - should be able to find this info. in the device setting or under about device
      • Size of screen (i.e. 13" or 15")
      • CPU Type (Core i7 or Core i5)
      • Machine Serial #
    • You can also bring your device into Bobcat Depot and we will obtain the quote for you.
      • Please note the trade-up program is only facilitated by Bobcat Depot management at this time, so we will only be processing trade-ins Mon-Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    • Once you have your quote, simply bring it into Bobcat Depot and along with your device
    • Bobcat Depot management will verify the quote and the device condition to ensure accuracy
    • Bobcat Depot will provide the customer with a Gift Card to the store in the amount of the trade-in value.
      • NO CASH, Gift Cards ONLY
    • Bobcat Depot techs or management will wipe the device and ship it back to Clover Wireless
NOTE: Bobcat Depot techs or management will perform a factory reset/wipe of the device before it is shipped out (the customer is more than welcome to do this on their own as well, before they bring the device into the store). The customer is responsible for obtaining and/or backing up any data needed off of their device before they bring it into the store to trade-in.

Trade-in quotes are good for 30 days.